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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the fastest ways to start generating leads for your business. The team at Blue Oak Marketing have extensive experience running successful PPC campaigns for clients in a variety of industries, and achieving trackable, tangible results.

We focus on not only delivering a campaign that generates leads, but also ensuring those leads are trackable so you know exactly what kind of return you are getting on your investment.

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Why is PPC Important for Your Business?

Did you know Google gets about 3.8 billion searches per minute? Or that over 80% of consumers use search engines (like Google) to find local services and businesses?

Pay Per Click advertising can push your message straight to the top of the Google search results, which can get your business almost instantaneous visibility.

At Blue Oak, we specialize in creating PPC campaigns that are not only visible, but visible to the people who are specifically looking for your services online. This is extremely powerful for businesses looking to generate new qualified leads, and our team have had tremendous success providing clients with tangible and trackable results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Costs Vary Based on a Number of Factors

PPC is run like an auction. What this means is that you bid against competitors who are vying to get their ads seen for the same search queries as you. Whoever has a higher bid (the amount they are willing to pay per ad click) will get priority positioning and extended visibility.

The cost per ad click (CPC) varies depending on your industry, location, quality of ad, and competition.

We will work closely with you to determine your business goals, then develop a PPC strategy and estimated budget to help you hit those goals.

We Don't Believe in Contracts

We do not believe in contracts, and will never lock you into one. It’s as simple as that!

We Provide Monthly Reporting

We believe transparency in advertising is crucial. In keeping with this philosophy, we will provide you with monthly progress reports that highlight key KPI’s. These will vary based on your previously determined campaign goals, but will generally include metrics like incoming calls generated from PPC efforts, the cost of the campaign, and more.

Success is Based on us Meeting Your Goals

Our success is determined based on whether or not we meet the goals you set. In most PPC campaigns the goal is to generate qualified leads to the business, so our success would be based off of how many leads we are able to get you based on our efforts.

PPC Can Generate Quick Results

PPC campaigns are one of the quickest ways to see results. However, like other forms of advertising, campaigns take time to mature and are continuously optimized to increase performance.


Wherever your customers are, we’ll find a way to reach them. We have expertise planning and executing campaigns in almost every medium. That includes social media, organic search, TV, radio, outdoor, print, paid online ads, and PR.

Individual Approach

We are boutique agency with a focus on generating quantifiable results. This means we work closely with you to identify areas you want your business to improve – then deliver.

No Contracts

We do not believe in locking clients into lengthy contracts. Our services are based on month-to-month plans that leave you free to walk away at any time. No strings attached.

Multi-Faceted Strategy

The needs of every business are different, and so are the marketing approaches needed to make those businesses grow. We tailor our services to fit the individual needs of each of our clients.


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