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Blue Oak was created out of a desire to pull back the covers on digital marketing. We spent years and too much money on your side of the business, working with firms that provided little data or ROI.

High click-through rate? Who cares if it doesn't correlate to a lead form, call, or sale? Low cost per click? Great - what does my actual acquisition cost look like? These are the questions we found ourselves asking and not loving the answers or the data when provided - we knew we could do it better. So instead of farming out this side of the business - we started our digital marketing firm. We prove the value we provide EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Who We Are

We Can Relate
Unlike most folks who do this sort of thing, we’ve lived on your side of the desk for years – making decisions about how to drive business results. We’ve got tons of experience and proven track records of success in developing and growing strong brands – as the managers of those brands, with direct P&L responsibility for them. So we really understand the challenges you’re facing. And we know what we liked – and didn’t like – about working with “marketing people.”

We're Not An Ad Agency
We’re a team of business pros who know what works in digital marketing and how to make it happen. We are not your traditional agency. With us, you always get the A team, because there simply are no B or C teams of junior staffers. We're senior level executives who have worked in fortune 500 companies and on the agency side - we've managed P&L and been on your side of the house. From day one you'll work with senior talent who will help to determine what makes the most sense for your business, we'll create a strategy and immediately begin to execute, communicate and measure your results. We remove the messy layers you see in most agencies. which saves you time and money.

Why We Do It

Why We Do It

You’re focused on doing what you do – delivering for your customers – so you don’t have much time to think about marketing.  Yet you’re often inundated with pitches from people hawking one form of marketing or another. And what happens?

Many businesses end up in one of two places:

Stopping "Marketing Malpractice"

Blue Oak acorn icon
Blue Oak acorn icon

Paralyzed by all the incoming information/recommendations and do nothing, missing opportunities to attract new business in the process.                                                           

Spending money in the wrong ways, directing your marketing investments toward whichever provider or media outlet has the best sales pitch.


It's All About Trust

For us, it’s all about earning your confidence and trust – and keeping it.  At the end of the day, our brand is only as good as we can make your brand.

If you’ve gotten stuck in one of the situations above, do you really know what you’re getting for your money? Are other marketing service providers delivering on their commitments to you? Are they completely transparent about what they’re doing for you and how they’re doing it?


We want you to know exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, what it’s costing, and most importantly, what you’re getting from it. We’ve spent our careers on your side of the desk looking for the answers to those questions from the marketing people we’ve worked with – feeling good about those who had the answers and uneasy about those who didn’t.

Let’s Work Together

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