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Choosing the right digital marketing partner is a big decision. We're a company that focuses on delivering results and we believe in being transparent about our progress. In fact, we love highlighting our customers' biggest successes through our online marketing programs. Take a look at these case studies to see how we've helped B2B and B2C businesses achieve their goals. 

Case Study 1: Excelsior Orthopaedics Boosts Traffic Through Google Ads, SEO & Content Marketing

Excelsior Orthopaedics was Blue Oak’s very first digital marketing client and we’ve helped them distinguish them as Buffalo’s leading orthopedic practice through Google ads campaigns, SEO, social media, and content marketing. This four-pronged approach enabled them to drive traffic, increase call volume and provide clients and prospects with more reasons to engage with the practice – through blogs, social media, and joint replacement educational webinars.


First, they identified 45 keywords important to the business and developed a site-wide keyword, content, and website architecture strategy designed to maximize search engine ranking. As a result, the site saw a 433% lift in keyword rankings, tripled the amount of organic traffic, and increased call volume by 310%.


The Google Ads campaign and account structure tightly aligned ads to keywords and our conversion-optimized landing pages had clear calls to action. The results were significant, with total conversions of 21,000 and a cost per conversion of $1.12 compared to the Google benchmark (for physicians/surgeons) of $29.96.


Return on



Organic Traffic Increase


Calls &



Case Study 2: Transmission Repair Center Increases Scheduled Service Repairs Through Google Ads & SEO

A locally owned Transmission Repair Center reached out to Blue Oak Marketing to solve several challenges with their Google Ads marketing campaigns. Blue Oak identified issues with the account structure, landing pages, wasted ad spend, and keyword management. To address these problems, Blue Oak developed a new PPC strategy that combined both offsite and onsite tactics.

They revamped the account structure to better align ads with keywords, which improved the quality scores and allowed for more precise keyword management. In addition, they implemented conversion-optimized landing pages on the website. These pages had clear calls-to-action and were designed to optimize the conversion rate with continuous A/B testing to improve the conversion rate.

The results were impressive. The total number of conversions increased by 2,115, which represents a 213% increase in the conversion rate. Furthermore, the cost per conversion decreased by 78%. From an SEO perspective, the Transmission Center site was rebuilt with an emphasis on search engine optimization. Identifying short and long-tail keywords through content creation mobile traffic increased by 92%, a 67% increase in total website traffic. Thanks to Blue Oak Marketing's strategic approach, the Transmission Center saw significant improvements in their marketing campaigns.





Organic Traffic Increase


Call/Lead Form Increase



Case Study 3: Deathcare Services Organization increases traffic and lead generation through targeted digital marketing practices

One of the largest cemeteries in the state was referred to Blue Oak after having worked with a nationwide Deathcare Industry Digital Marketing Company. Unfortunately, their rankings slipped and their lead generation decreased. What the Deathcare organization realized was what oftentimes happens when Marketing companies “specialize” in one industry… a cookie cutter approach to an industry does not work. Each company has its own nuances –from location, market share or organizational practices that impact the way in which a digital marketing strategy can and should be implemented.

From low-quality scores to poor keyword choices and high cost per action Blue Oak was able to overhaul the Google Ads account resulting in 902 leads in just 30 days. Blue Oak has also increased organic traffic by over 300% and implemented a highly targeted social media strategy which includes pre-planning webinars through Facebook.





Organic Traffic Increase


Calls/Leads in
30 Days



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