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Digital Marketing For the Deathcare Industry

Blue Oak Marketing is a leading deathcare digital marketing agency for funeral homes and cemeteries specializing in SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing. Our goal is to boost your revenue by strategically increasing your leads. We specialize in helping you outperform your competitors in the highly competitive areas of organic search engine optimization, paid search (pay-per-click), and social media marketing. Unlike other Deathcare agencies that take a cookie-cutter approach and waste your money without delivering tangible results, Blue Oak is committed to driving leads and demonstrating the true value of your marketing investment. 

Who We Serve

Whether you're a small shop, a growing startup, or an established business in the Deathcare industry, we've got your back. Our digital marketing strategies are designed to help businesses of all sizes grow. 


Case Study 3: Deathcare Services Organization increases traffic and lead generation through targeted digital marketing practices

One of the largest cemeteries in the state was referred to Blue Oak after having worked with a nationwide Deathcare Industry Digital Marketing Company. Unfortunately, their rankings slipped and their lead generation decreased. What the Deathcare organization realized was what oftentimes happens when Marketing companies “specialize” in one industry… a cookie cutter approach to an industry does not work. Each company has its own nuances –from location, market share or organizational practices that impact the way in which a digital marketing strategy can and should be implemented.

From low-quality scores to poor keyword choices and high cost per action Blue Oak was able to overhaul the Google Ads account resulting in 902 leads in just 30 days. Blue Oak has also increased organic traffic by over 300% and implemented a highly targeted social media strategy which includes pre-planning webinars through Facebook.





Organic Traffic Increase


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